Back in Shanghai & back into new healthy habits (just look at this Avocado-Apple smoothie)

After one absolutely fantastic month in Europe spend with my family, my friends and a bit of traveling I am now back in Shanghai. Back in the world's biggest city (given it's measured by population).

As always I feel amazing after a trip out of Shanghai and with this long break I am now back with so much energy, motivation & positive vibes.

You know how you'r always capable of seeing your everyday life in a different perspective when you leave it? It's like you'r able to "zoom out" and get an overview. Of your current situation, your goals and your plans. In Europe I definitely spend a lot of time thinking about my everyday life in Shanghai as well as made some plans for my next Shanghai chapter. 

I decided to start running more outside in Shanghai. I think it was during an amazing run at the beach on my grandmother's tiny island in Denmark that I simply decided to stop the excuses and start running in Shanghai. I miss the energy, the motivation & the strength I feel after a good run. And yes I am aware that Shanghai is not the best place to run outside. But I am going to look into how runners can make the best of it and I am super excited to share my findings with you here on Shanghaihabits.

Thats why I also changed the site a bit so I can provide more useful information on my site. For you. So please get in contact if you have any comments, ideas or simply just to say Nihao - I love  to hear from people whether its Shanghai, health or something third we have in common.

Healthy habits x 2

Simultaneously with my thoughts on running, my boyfriend who stayed in Shanghai the whole month decided to do a triathlon later this year. So for the little home on Shaanxi nan lu that means a loooot of training and a loooot of healthy food. His triathlon diet is pretty much based on a philosophy I already believe in: natural, high protein, low carb and lots of greens. He probably have to take it more to the extreme than I could ever imagine doing but I will definitely support him. And it gives me an excuse to explore healthy natural and paleo inspired cooking which I can share here :-) My boyfriend is not a veggie like me so we will make versions that go for both. Btw. if you are interested you can see what he's up to with his tri-training and tri-preparation under tritrainershanghai where I will have him update us with a post once in a while. 

Avo meets apple in my favorite smoothie

I quickly want to share my at-the-moment favorite smoothie. As always I prefer simple smoothie recipes to make it easy to remember as well as make on a busy Monday morning.

For 2 persons you need  

  • 1 avocado 
  • 1 apple
  • 1 cup of water (juice if you prefer sweeter and if you'r not too worried about sugar content)
  • Ice cubes
  • Extras e.g mint, lime or ginger

I love smoothies with avocado as they become soooo creamy and filling and you avoid the large sugar content found in for example bananas (I love bananas to!). 

Enjoy your smoothie & your day and don't forget to be the best version of you!

Lychee Smoothie With Love

It is lychee season in Shanghai - such a perfect reason to head to the local fruit shop and get some of these sweeties which beside from being a great source of C-vitamin are proven to have a cooling effect on the body!

My local fruit girls (two sisters run the shop) on Julu Lu sells lychees for RMB 14 / 1 jin / 500g and just a couple of lychees makes a world of a difference in my daily after-yoga smoothie. I can't wait to use them for healthy (or at least healthIER) blended cocktails now that the Shanghai weather calls for drinks on our roof-top.

Here is today's recipe though I really just use what-ever I have. I find that it is so more easy to get into healthy smoothies and juice habits if you stay relaxed about the recipes and just try, explore, taste & adjust. Most fruit combination works. Soymilk can be replaced with cows milk, fruit juice or even water. If I make a milk-based smoothie I often add a little bit of nuts or oats (more protein and more energy). If I make a water or juice-based smoothie I often add fresh lemon/fresh ginger/fresh basil.

2 glasses

1 banana

5 lychees

1 nashi pear

Soy milk