Yoga is the practice of Body & Mind - Yoga er styrketræning for krop og sind (with Danish guest blog post by male Yogi in Ribe)

In the coming week, I start 3 new Yoga classes in the local Fitness Center (Fitness World) and while the world of modern fitness centers may not have the most "yogic" ring to it, I find that the diversity of members in a gym is huge. It's for everyone. And so it the Yoga revolution: For everyone... Even MEN!

Below is a Danish article written by one of the few male Yogis in Ribe, Thomas Nielsen.


Hvis Kasper er mig for 6 år siden, så havde jeg grinet af ham, siger Thomas Nielsen, stress og depressionsramt - og kigger på Casper. Lederen af Fitness World i Ribe er med for første gang. Yoga-instruktøren Line har overtalt ham til at deltage. Han skal vide, hvad det er, har hun forklaret ham.

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NAMASTE! THANK YOU FRIENDS & FAMILY: A Magical Summer & A Magical Season of Open-Air Gentle Flow Yoga with Shanti Yoga in Ribe, Denmark's Oldest Town... And it continues

I really had ambitions to blog more this summer. About lovely loyal Denmark, about the smaller & bigger trips we've been taking here, about my cute yoga-loving niece, about the awesome time at Roskilde Festival, about the yoga here. But here we are 3 months later and here's my first Denmark 2016 post...

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