A Visit To Melbourne And Our Roadtrip On The Great Ocean Road + Why You Should Always Check Visa Regulations One Extra Time

When we visited Perth earlier this month it was my second time in Australia. My first visit was last year where we visited Melbourne followed by a Great Ocean Road trip - seriously the best road trip I've ever been on (not least thanks to the Koala... And my beloved BF of course) and highly recommendable. I hadn't started my little blog at that time so here's some moments & memories from Melbourne and The Great Ocean Road...

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Margaret River: West Australia's Holiday Haven For Wine & Water Lovers

Nothing like a little holiday Get-away from a holiday. Margaret River is a super charming and chilled area with the most beautiful nature and coastal spots. Oh and good wine. I could have stayed a couple of more nights here - maybe next time we'll book a stay at one of the wineries or even get a little job as a grape picker one season.. Alternative lifestyles' on my mind these days that's for sure! Well, it's better to be lost in an Australian vineyard than found in an office, don't you think? =)

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West Australia's Sunny Capital: 6 Places To Visit When You Visit Perth

From sunny Indonesia to what I thought was Australia's sunshine coast: West Australia. I later learned that this phrase officially refers to another state but I have the feel that for Scandis like me most states of Australia would seem to be Sunshine states...

Green parks, white beaches, clear water & lots of sunshine: Welcome to West Australia's capital Perth.

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