Destination Bay of Islands: A Sailing Tour and a Visit to the Tranquil and Predator-free Urupukapuka Island

With almost 150 islands, many of which are undeveloped there's truly a lot to explore in Bay of Island waters. Per local recommendations we took off from the Bay of Island mainland and started out with a visit to the biggest island of them all: Urupukapuka. Known as a tranquil, bird-full and predator-free island with enough tracks, bays and beaches to explore in more than one full day.

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Highlights from some of New Zealand's Unique Music & Lifestyle Festivals: Volunteering, Co-creating & Dancing Backstage

Another one of the very highlights of this summer has been our involvement in some of the annual music, culture & lifestyle festivals which New Zealand is so famous of. Every summer, Kiwis and visitors gather for festivals of all sizes and in all regions of the country. Whether your heart beats for food, music, wine, dance, spirituality or local Maori culture rest assured there's a festival here you'll love. 

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Rise & Shine in Mount Maunganui - Video Update

Check it out! Our first update for upcoming travel video series.

It's 16 days from winter in NZ but you wouldn't believe it here in the Mount on a beautiful sunny morning like today...

We've just entered our 2 last weeks in New Zealand and will soon be off to DENMARK AND EUROPE! We've had an amazing 6 months here touring around this beautiful country - check some of my blog posts from our travels in New Zealand here

The Pinnacles: Hiking Through the Ruggedly Magnificent Mountain Ranges in the Coromandel Peninsula

Planning our last month here before we're heading to Europe one of the spots we really wanted to hit was The Pinnacles mountain range on the Coromandel Peninsula. A famous 1-2 days walk through beautifully rugged mountains and located just a couple of hours drive from our current home in Mount Maunganui. And as it's on the way to Auckland it was perfect to combine with last week's mission up there for a Shanghai-reunion event - a bit of calm before the storm, if you will...

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Beautiful Raglan - New Zealand's Endless Surf Paradise

It's getting a tiny bit colder in NZ as autumn is approaching. It's so weird to be in April and talk about autumn weather & wind - April equals spring time & light time in my head of the Northern hemisphere... Fortunately there's still heaps of amazingly nice sunny days here in Bay of Plenty on the East Coast of New Zealand's North Island (the location of Mount Maunganui, Leon's childhood home). Same goes for Waikato & the King Country which is the neighboring region to the West and last week we decided to go on a mission. A mission to visit one of Leon's favorite surf spots in NZ and a mission to explore an area I haven't been to yet: Raglan and surrounding nature... 

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