Monday Soup Night: Creamy spicy Pumpkin soup with lots of comfort and nutrition to heal me after my tooth extraction

When I first get started with what I call soup-season I just want to eat soups everyday. The way hearty thick soups give nutrition, energy and warmth to your whole body is addictive as the degrees are dropping. And when you need healing after a tooth extraction / oral surgery like me.

This weeks creamy spicy pumpkin soup is like the sweetest and most flavorful party my taste buds have ever experienced. And it's the most healing dinner I could think of today...

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My Favorite Breakfast Smoothies

I believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is where we "break the fast" our body has been under for many hours and where we stock up the energy needed to Attack the Day.

So we need to eat a lot and we need to eat right. Most mornings in our home we make big healthy breakfasts with greens, grains & proteins. With coffee on the side, oh don't forget the coffee (:

But some mornings my body doesn't feel like a big feast. Or I don't feel like cooking. Or I don't have the time (this happens very rarely as I always make sure to have time in the morning, nothing worse than rushing from the beginning of the day!) But on these days I replace my greens, grains, coffee & protein with A BIG YUMMY BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE!

Fruit and Vegetable (I prefer a mix) are super super yummy and gentle to your digestion system in the mornings. Remember that no matter how yummy and healthy the supermarkets pre-packed smoothies look, they are probably packed if not with sugar then with additives to make the shelf live longer. DYI (Do It Yourself).

Nothing like a morning smoothie routine and starting each day with this healthy addictive habit - you should try it!

Mango-Banana Breakfast Smoothie

(2 glasses)

1 banana

1/2 big mango or 1/1 smaller mango

50 g of muesli/oats

1 cup of soymilk

1 cup of water

TIP: Add spirulina powder for a green version


Blend, serve with ice & enjoy

A Typical Breakfast in our home

Avocado on rye bread, egg, greens & a Sweet Kiwi Treat. Coffee and water on the side