Yoga Mudras inspiration: The Lotus Flower as a symbol of light and beauty emerging from darkness

This week my yoga classes are inspired by the lotus flower. The beautiful plant that grows up through the mud, through darkness, through struggles. When it reaches the surface of the dark water It opens up to the light of the world in all its beauty. It shines perhaps stronger than any other flower...

The lotus flower has been used in Buddhism, Hinduism and Yoga for many years. It's a beautiful symbol of the cycles we go through in life as human beings: we get stuck in the mud, we go through dark times, we struggle. But when we get to the other side - when we overcome our struggles we feel the light even stronger, we see the beauty in the little things, we blossom more than before!

My example is my beautiful little niece who was born last year. My sister definitely went through a bit of struggles, worries and pain before Sarah came out of the darkness to meet the light of the world. And to meet her new family =)

The beauty and the purity of a new-born baby girl....

Moral of the lotus flower life-story - which we often can not see when we're in the mud - is to keep moving forward. Keep going, keep growing and have faith that we'll get through whatever it is. Perhaps its through our darkest times we learn to appreciate the light & the beauty in a "simple" lotus flower.

Have you ever heard the quote: no mud, no lotus? And does the lotus flower mean anything to you?

Lotus Mudra

As a part of my lotus themed classes, this week we use the Lotus Mudra. A Mudra is a gesture or sign with a symbolic or spiritual intention and often refers to a hand-position. In the lotus mudra we let the base of the palms as well as the thumbs and pinky fingers touch - the remaining part of our hands and fingers we open as a flower. We can keep our hands in this mudra during meditation and perhaps through other parts of the practice (why not salute the sun in Urdhva Tadasana - uplifted mountain pose with a lotus flower over the crown of our head).

Lotus Flower Breathe exercise

In lotus mudra we press our thumbs towards our heart center, bow our head down to look at our flower and take a moment to think about a hard time we or relatives have experienced/are experiencing. Bring in the "life lesson" of the lotus flower by connecting your memories of a dark time with the light, the love and the beauty of your lotus. Breathe in lift up your lotus to your 3rd eye, breathe out lower it back to your heart center. Repeat 5 times or as many times as desired.

Mediation Mudra for Peace, Calmness and a sense of Buddha

Perhaps the most known Mudra is the Gyan Mudra - we often see statues and pictures of Buddha in this position and it's been practiced for thousands of years. It brings peace, calmness and spiritual progress. Try for yourself next time your in a seated position in a yoga class. It really works!

Gyan Mudra

Gyan Mudra

Practice now at home: Lotus Yoga video (Yoga Therapy)

Here's a gentle home-video in DANISH if you wish to practice at home using youtube on your device. Always listen to your body and take care of yourself during yoga practice.