2 Tickets to Cold Hawaii Please: Surfing, Yoga and Roadtrippin along the Danish Westcoast

Through my years of living in foreign countries I've really come to appreciate the "art of exploring". When living in Shanghai every day felt like exploration and we spent many weekends and holidays exploring more of the big and diverse Chinese country.

In New Zealand we basically lived in a van for 3 months where we drove through the amazing and dreamy country. Most of the time I sat on the passenger seat with my Lonely Planet and learned about every little township we were going to meet on our route. Townships which I'm sure many kiwis never have been to OR desire to go to (Invercargill anyone? haha that's a Shanghai joke...). Anyways now that I'm back in my home in Denmark I feel this curiosity and urge to explore more of this flat wind-mill decorated farming country... I want to learn about and explore Denmark some more! And in order to keep Leon in balance here what better place to start than the windy & "wild" Danish Westcoast! A beautiful stretch of land surrounded by ocean, beaches and fjords. And an area with lot's of action-packed outdoor activities for my Kiwi who loves everything surfing...

Leon at Agger Beach before a 2 hour surf in the beautiful Danish OCTOBER weather

Surfboards, kites & yoga mats on the Danish Westcoast

The last 3 months we've taken 4 roadtrips along the Danish Westcoast - one all the way to Løkken in the North to check out the new surf hub Northshore Surf and otherwise our main destination has been Klitmøller also known as Cold Hawaii. Besides being the home-area of some of our best friends from Shanghai, Gitte & Jonas, Klitmøller is Denmark's surf mekka. Whether you're into kite-surfing, paddleboard-surfing, SUP-surfing, wind surfing or wake-boarding you'll have fun here. If there's no wind there's waves and if there's no waves too you can always go to Thy Cable Park in Thisted for wakeboarding. Or get your yoga mat out like me, no special weather conditions needed for a yoga flow! =)

Gitte our dear friend from Shanghai who's originally from Thy. She's also the talented jewlery designer I've been modeling for in Shanghai - read more and get inspired here

At Thy Cable Park in Thisted

Vestkystruten - The must-visit on Denmark's Westcoast

There's lots of interesting places to check out on the Westcoast besides Klitmøller - I love Blåvand, Hvide Sande, Agger and the whole stretch along Thy National Park. And don't forget my home-town and Denmark's oldest town in the South: RIBE. Remember to book a tour with me and Leon's newly founded Ribe Bike Tours if you happen to come by!

I'm planning a big bike ride along this route for next year - check out Vestkystruten for inspiration, information and facilities if you're into road biking.

Caught at Sunset in Nymindegab, Hvide Sande

In August we drove back from Cold Hawaii with my friend Ditte from Copenhagen and we just had to stop outside Hvide Sande to watch the sunset as the sky was showing off in the most beautiful red, pink and orange colors. When we were about to leave a guy said hi and told us he had been taking photos from a distance and "caught" us watch the sun as it dived into the ocean. He was super kind to send us some of his amazing photos... W-O-W!

Still when I watch the photos above of me, Leon and Ditte at sunset outside Hvide Sande or the photos of Leon surfing at Agger Beach last weekend in the most amazingly bright sunny weather I ask myself: IS THAT REALLY DENMARK? 

I'm amazed and "take my hat off for" all this there is to explore and do not far from my hometown in little happy Denmark. Where to go and explore Denmark's outdoor luxury next co-travelers & co-explorers?