ॐ Shanti Habits Yoga in Mount Maunganui - Join My Flow With Friends Class Every Week

This week I started my ॐ Shanti Habits Yoga get-together here in the Mount. My idea is to casually get friends and friends of friends together for some sunset yoga flow before it gets too cold for those amazing outdoor experiences. It's already a bit chilled so the yoga style is mostly active (yang) and of course calming (yin) towards the end. In this way we make sure our body & mind follow the natural cycle of the universe: day and sunlight is yang and active so we should feel and be active. Night and moon is yin so we should feel and be calmer..

I designated this week's Yoga Flow with Friends to the "theme" or occasion of ANZAC (Australian New Zealand Army Corps) as Monday was the official ANZAC day - the memorial day where KIWIS, Aussies and everyone else interested got together all over the world before sunrise to honor the memory of the lost. 

For Flow with Friends we got together on Tuesday afternoon across Mount Drury (Mount Maunganui's littlebrother) nearby the Cenotaph monument where the official Monday ANZAC ceremony had taken place. It was a small and beautiful Flow Session in nature with intentions to appreciate what we are and what we have. Blessed people we are when we take a moment to think about it, right.

With a yogic mindset memories of loss, war and tragedy can bring up positive feelings - maybe in the form of gratitude for life, appreciation of freedom or love for our family & friends. We can choose those feelings - we can bring them, be them and radiate them so even bad things eventually can make the world a better place
— ॐ Shanti Habits

Next week I'm planning to arrange a Flow with Friends class in Pilot Bay on the other side of the Mount. The sunset on the other side is actually more view-able and we'll use the class to welcome the new month of May and perhaps set some intentions... I'll pick a good day for it once I've seen the weather forecast for the week and we'll meet up around 4.30 (sunset is around 5.30) for one hour's flow class.

Check more here if you want to join or email me on shantihabits@gmail.com.

Free of charge, filled with love!

Namaste friends!