Happy Easter Sunday Shots From Our Beautiful Reality in Mount Maunganui

It's Easter and it's lovely. Even without big Easter traditions, Easter beliefs or Easter expectations there's just something about this long weekend. It's holiday time, it's time to get together and it's time to celebrate.

Here in our base with Leon's parents in Mount Maunganui we're celebrating today, Easter Sunday, by getting up with the sun and heading out in nature. Down to the Main Beach and Mauao (Mount Maunganui's 232m precious and popular "mountain") for a hike, a surf, some yoga and a jump into the ocean. A celebration of nature you might say.

Since I came to New Zealand over 3 months ago I feel we've been celebrating and appreciating nature a lot. Rising and setting with the sun and in this way getting the most out of the daylight of each summer day. It feels like such a natural cycle to be in and I've honestly never had such good sleeps and so much energy. 

It's a beautiful beautiful world and today I felt like capturing some moments from this Easter Sunday morning and our happy reality in favorite Mount Maunganui.

Happy Easter Friends <3

Floating and yoga'ing with Float Fitness