Yoga & Live piano by night: My first Yoga Event in the heart of Denmark's oldest town - BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW

Peaceful piano music is one of my favorite kinds of music for slow and restorative yoga practice. And for some time I've been thinking about how beautiful it would be to do yoga to live piano... Move slowly with the music and in contrast to just be sitting and listening to a piano concert you would actually participate in the beautiful melodies... And I imagine that even when lying with a flat back on the yoga mat in a restorative pose the experience of the piano tunes and the experience of the yoga would be so different and beautiful... Now I'm ready to make it reality and here share with you my first Yoga Event in Ribe: Yoga & Live Piano by night. 

Visualizations & Good Intentions: The Universe Delivers

As it is often the case with visualizations and good intentions "the universe delivers"... Because it so happens that Karsten who has been joining my open-air yoga all summer is a piano player. Yoga helps him in his profession at the piano: to have a proper alignment and posture in order to play to his highest potential. He also likes yoga for many other reasons (don't we all?). So we've been chatting about my idea with the result being this forthcoming event: a beautiful gentle yoga practice, featuring a talented piano player, playing live.

Of course it's a "by night" event, and of course it's going to be held in one of Ribe's most beautiful buildings: the culture house Brorsonsminde. I can't wait.

Signing up for my Yoga in Ribe event

The following week I'm in Marokko and can only receive bookings on email or by using below sign up form. I'm also only sharing the invitation to my readers here on Shantihabits and by personal email to my family and fellow yoga students in and around Ribe.

From next week I'll be sharing it public and giving everyone a chance to know about this beautiful experience...  

NB: Event is Danish Only

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