7 Easy Zen Habits And 3 Book Recommendations To See, Feel & Understand More in Daily Life

No matter where in the world we have our everyday life it just seems like it, everyday life, takes over. We have all these good intentions of being happier, of being healthier and of doing more stuff with our friends and family but most days we end up too busy, too stressed, too overwhelmed. It can so easily feel like we don't have the control at all and days as well as life just "happens to us". We need more "Zen" and in my opinion we should all add a spiritual dimension to our life.

I try to live my life in an alternative way with a very little degree of "everyday life" and a high degree of "Zen-habits" (do you know the amazing blog of same name? I love it - check it here). You may ask how to do that, and though there's a lot to my life as to all peoples' life, I'd simply put it as:

  • Living abroad among different cultures
  • Traveling a lot
  • Always exploring ways of being more mindful and connected to myself - these so-called Zen Habits

I love sharing and last week I teamed up with my friends from the awsome Lanehouse Apparel in Shanghai and gave my 7 best habits to more Zen in daily life in Shanghai. The article was posted in their new Hai' Flyer Magazine and you can read the full post here.

A Spiritual Dimension

As a natural result of becoming a yogi I'm getting more and more into mindfulness, self-consciousness and spirituality in general. It's like being on a path where everything just suddenly makes sense. A path that's always been there just patiently waiting for me to see it just like it's there waiting for all of us to see it and slowly but surely getting things right. Getting ourselves right and getting the world right. Have you ever thought about the spiritual journey or does spirituality freak you out / make you think about weirdos chanting and holding hands on a beach?

For me it's simply about spending more time "in my own head" to understand myself more as well as the world and universe. And it's something that can make modern life more pleasant, more clear and more meaningful.

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens
— Carl Jung

I'm reading, seeing and understanding so much at the moment and without looking too hard I'm being guided to read the next enlightening book, to stop at the next spot-on Instagram quote and to talk to yet another person who understand with me and who sees with me. I've read some amazing books during the last month of traveling, they are all very famous and I don't know why I haven't come across them before... But you know what they say: when you are ready, the guru shall find you =)

The following books are amazing "gurus" to find more peace within yourself in daily life and to find more true purpose with life, in everyday life.

3 Books that will make you see, feel & understand more than you can imagine

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma is a great story as well as a very practical guide to making daily life more meaningful and to actually taking control of some of the changes we already know we should be making in our life. It's very powerful and very very useful, I wish my entire family would read it.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is a super super sweet story with a spiritual twist (especially if you are on "the path" and already seeing the universal signs everywhere). It's about discovering what truly matters in life and daring to go out there and realizing our dreams. Not practical applicable like The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari but it's hard to put down and makes you smile on the inside and outside.

The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle is probably the most powerful book I've read. It's not a story, it's a full-on "Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment" as revealed by the cover. If you are ready it will surely change the way you view the world as well as guide you to self-consciousness and being in the now.


Without planning it, I personally read the books in the above order which I can recommend. But we are all different and at different places on the journey so just do what feels right or pick the book you firstly come across. There's much more out there to be discovered and I'd love to hear from you if you have some recommendations for me - books that changed your life in some way?

Remember... just like yoga, spirituality is for everyone.

Namaste lovely people!