Visiting Komodo National Park And 2 Days Sailing On The Flores Sea

Every child who ever watched Jurassic Park the movie has always dreamed of visiting a real life jurassic park. Well, that is pretty much what we did. They say Komodo Dragons, the huge lizards that live on only a couple of volcanic islands in the Indonesian archipelago, are some of the few surviving dinosaurs we still have on this planet today. So we seized the opportunity to make a visit to the Komodo National Park in the hope to see the dragons...

Expectations weren't just met - they were blown away. Not only be the fascinating dragons, also by swimming among up to 20 mantas and heaps of sea turtles, seeing dolphins & fire fox & the secret blue jelly fish "aquarium and by an amazing sailing trip with an amazing crew.

For a quick trip review check this video from our trip to Indonesia's Jurassic Park! =)

How to visit Komodo National Park

To visit Komodo National Park you need to hire a boat, usually from Labuan Bajo. Per our experience you don't have to book your tour prior to your arrival in Labuan Bajo. In the main street you'll find agents and tour guides everywhere and most hotels and home-stays can help you book your trip around Komodo National Park as well. Different things can be included and negotiated depending on your time, interest and budget. High season could be different so just make sure to have an extra day in Labuan Bajo to sort your tour.

Itinerary: 2 days and 1 night in Komodo National Park

After asking around a couple of places we booked with an agent just outside "Bajo Hotel" in the main street. We chose a 2 days/1 night trip on a simple boat with a local Komodo captain:

  • Day 1 for sailing & snorkeling around 3 different reefs with Manta fish, sea turtles, purple jellyfish and the magic of the ocean + the home of the cool Flying Fox
  • Day 2 for visits to Komodo and Rinca islands, home of the Dragons
  • Night in between: We slept on mattresses on the deck of the boat in dock at Komodo Island but we also had the option of going to a home-stay in our captain's family house in Komodo village. It was super cozy to sleep under the stars and so magical to wake up on the water with the sun rising on the horizon


We paid 800.000 IDR/per person and went together with 2 girls from Poland. The more people going the cheaper the price but we were pretty happy with this arrangement - a bit of nice company but not too crowded on the small boat. Besides the captain, 2 other local guys were on board to sail, cook and guide. All food, team coffee, water, fruit and "accommodation" was included. Snorkeling gear as well.

The entrance to Komodo and Rinca island come on top, approximately 230.000 IDR/per person including the fee to the ranger who guide you around as well as protect you on each island (the bite of the komodo dragon is deathly to humans due to the large amount of bacteria found in the saliva).

Also we can recommend you to bring some extra snacks & drinks.

Day 1: Sailing & Snorkeling + Flying Fox

Day 2: Komodo Island and Rinca island

We were super happy with our trip and could easily have stayed another day on the water, it's really addictive. Our captain was a legend who took us to the coolest spots - he was super flexible, relaxed and spoke fluent English. We caught up with him in Labuan Bajo after we came back as well - needless to say we can highly recommend you to book through Hotel Bajo's agent and ask for Captain Tyre =)

Enjoy your adventures and feel free to ask for any additional information!