Margaret River: West Australia's Holiday Haven For Wine & Water Lovers

Some say you can not visit Perth without a trip to Margaret River - one of Australia's most popular holiday spots just 3 hours drive south. The Margaret River Valley's mild weather, abundant sunshine and natural wonders make the region a perfect destination for outdoor pleasures. Surfing & wine tasting in the sun being on top of the to-do list in the region so we quickly decided to visit. We borrowed a car from our hosts in Perth and together with Collin, Leon's childhood friend from New Zealand and his Girlfiriend Kat from Germany we headed down south for a little camping road trip with beautiful stops along the coast.

Wine, Chocolate & Spiced Rum

When you get close to Margaret River city which is a small but lively tourist spot you'll find wineries everywhere. There's also distilleries in the area AND a chocolate factory. If you are very much into wine, do some research in advance or do as us: just stop when you see something interesting along the way. All places literally offer tastings & chats and there's no bad feelings if you don't purchase wines on the spot. Our favorite stop and favorite wine was at the authentic Ashbrook Winery and especially Colin, who's favorite wine is rum liked our visit at the distillery the Grove which is close to the town Wilyabrup. Just a bit commercial and you pay for tastings but it's free to watch their crocodiles and we can highly recommend their Spiced Rum. We also saw cheese factories oh and don't miss the famous Margaret River Chocolate Company with unlimited tastings....

Camping, Yoga & Surfing At Margaret River Main Beach

We camped not far away from the Margaret River Main Beach. This is approximately 30 min from Margaret River town and a popular spot. Here we had a lovely & quite liquid picnic dinner on the beach before we watched the stars, chatted about the universe and crashed out in our Swags (an Australian form of tent which is very weird at first but very practical. Google it). I was only a bit scared about scorpion or snake visits during the night.. Thank God we are off to safe New Zealand soon for all the real outdoor adventures.

The next morning the guys found a surf spot and me and Kat did a yoga session on the beach. Afterwards we had breakfast at the lovely cafe White Elephant with a view over Margaret River main beach and coffee from the famous Combi Coffee van. If you visit the area and spot him, get a coffee - it's amazing! And what a sweet van. I totally want to get one and drive around to surf & yoga spots to sell green smoothies and yummy coffees!

Nothing like a little holiday Get-away from a holiday. And Margaret River is a super charming and chilled area with the most beautiful nature and coastal spots. I could have stayed a couple of more nights here - maybe next time we'll book a stay at one of the wineries or even get a little job as a grape picker one season.. Alternative lifestyles' on my mind these days that's for sure! Well, it's better to be lost in an Australian vineyard than found in an office, don't you think? =)