A Visit To Melbourne And Our Roadtrip On The Great Ocean Road + Why You Should Always Check Visa Regulations One Extra Time

When we visited Perth earlier this month it was my second time in Australia. My first visit was last year where we visited Melbourne followed by a Great Ocean Road trip - seriously the best road trip I've ever been on (not least thanks to the Koala... And my beloved BF of course) and highly recommendable. Though this Christmas, parts of the Great Ocean Road have been and still are very affected by serious forest fires. Check out the official GOR website for detailed visit info and updates! Our thoughts go to residents from these beautiful areas.

Always check the Visa Regulations... And Why I'm Now The Lucky Owner Of A One-Way Ticket To Sydney

Australia is an amazing country (amazingly big!) and there's so many places I want to visit. On the top of my current list is Sydney which I hear amazing things about and haven't visited myself - YET.

As a matter of fact I'm now the lucky owner of a one-way ticket from New Zealand to Sydney in March. A very last minute and very unplanned purchase made in the airport after I was refused to board my flight to Auckland. Reason? So even though Danes (and Euros in general I guess) can get a 3 months visa on arrival in New Zealand we have to be able to present a ticket OUT of New Zealand within these three months. Seriously? No sticking around here it seems. Unless you get a serious job or catch a Kiwi bird with your bare hands...

So that's the story about how I planned my post-New Zealand-destination. And I'm excited for more Aussie time! Especially when looking back to our recent Perth trip, our holiday from our holiday to destination Margaret River and to last year's visit to Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road. Last-mentioned was before my little blog so here's some photos from my first visit to Australia.

Spot the happy girl who after several days on the road looking out for koalas finally found one (oh and spot him as well)

Spot the happy girl who after several days on the road looking out for koalas finally found one (oh and spot him as well)

A Visit To Melbourne City And Meeting My Better Half's Family

Melbourne is said to be Australia's hub for fashion, culture & art. Oh and sport - Melbourne Cup anyone? It's often voted most livable city and it reminds me a bit of Europe with it's dynamic city center, hipster areas and old architecture mixed with newer sky risers.

A couple of days after we arrived, we met up with Leon's parents who were traveling all over Australia at this point. And so it happened that our first meet-up was on a beautiful summer day where we explored Melbourne city center together. And in real Melbourne style we ended up at a rooftop for a day-drinking session with fresh-made Sangrias!

Roadtrippin' On The Famous Great Ocean Road

After exploring hip Melbourne and celebrating NYE on the beach out of Melbourne, Leon rented a car and took me on a trip on part of the The Great Ocean Road. This Australian National Heritage is known as one of the most beautiful coastal drives in the world and is the home of many sights, activities, cute towns, beaches and animals.

It stretches over 240 kilometres along the south-eastern coast of Australia's state Victoria but we only did half (the most beautiful half) between Melbourne and Port Elliot where Leon's family met us for a week of holiday in a beach house. 

This gave us a 3-4 days trip on The Great Ocean Road with lots of snack and camping stops along the way. It was the best road trip and I can highly recommend it. The scenery is amazing and the animals just as amazing if you ask the Great Dane...

Next Australia destination will as mentioned be after our New Zealand trip in March. Sydney wehuuu, can't wait. Any recommendations for Sydney exploration friends?