West Australia's Sunny Capital: 6 Places To Visit When You Visit Perth

From sunny Indonesia to what I thought was Australia's sunshine state: West Australia. I later learned that this phrase officially refers to another state and that West Australia is more known as the "giant State" as it takes up about 1/3 of the entire size of Australia (and is about the size of all of West Europe). But I have the feel that for Scandis like me most of Australia's 6 states would appear as true sunshine states...

Green parks, white beaches, clear water & lots of sunshine: Welcome to West Australia's capital Perth.

Perth Lifestyle - Visiting Friends & Family in Perth

We stopped over here in Perth on our way to New Zealand in order to visit Leon's brother John in one of his several homes, see some other friends and to get a feel for a city known for very good & very expensive lifestyle.

John lives in the coastal suburb Scarborough. Here he's house-flatting with about 3 other Kiwis, a German girl and a local Perth girl in a big-family sized house with swimming pool, pool table, veggie garden, balconies and lots of hang out areas. Their set-up is amazing and from I stepped in to their happy home I got the feel I had landed in a slightly grown up-version of an American teen movie... And a more organized one. Not only because of my feel for the "Mansion" as they like to call their sweet house but also because everything about Perth just seems so organized. When moving around (mainly by car) in Perth, I have the feeling I'm in an urban development program promoting life quality & livability - everything seems so well-arranged, so spacious, so clean and so nice. I love Perth already!

...we did only spend 1 week here. A week with amazing fresh weather (or cold according to some of the locals) before the draining Perth summer hit. And we did just come from 3 years of living in China and 2 months holiday in Indonesia (hello chaos) so my view might be a bit biased. But I love Perth and here's some of our favorite visits (besides chilling in the "Mansion")!

1. Central Perth & (The Honey Cake)

The center of Perth is like most modern Western big cities' with walking distances between sights. A modern business center, nice old buildings in between the newer and this time of year: Christmas Decoration! There's a lovely Pedestrian streets with lots of shops and coffee stops - yum I love how the Aussie's love their coffee: proper coffee just about everywhere.

After a stroll followed by lunch and coffee & honeycake from the Famous European Honey Cake shop where our German friend Kat works we headed towards the real site of the day: King's Park & Perth Botanical Garden on Mt. Eliza.

2. King's Park & The Botanical Garden

Here you find the best view of the city & the Swan River as well as the greenest escape I've seen in the center of a big city. It's breathtaking! The Botanical Garden is taking up just a small part of the massive park and you can freely stroll around until it's time for coffee & cake in the Garden cafe (unless you had your honey cake already)...

We walked to here up Jacob's ladder but to avoid the 300 steps you can also grab bus 37 from St Georges Terrace for a free ride.

The Park is a must-visit!

3. Cottesloe beach

This beach is said to be the most popular city-beach not only in Perth but in all of Western Australia. And if you've seen photos from Perth you'll most likely have seen the famous "tea house" and landmark Indiana, originally built as a humble ice cream salon in 1910 under the name The Indiana Tea House.

Super nice beach with green areas for a bit of yoga or Broga! Make sure to spend a night here watching the beautiful sunset over the Indian Ocean.

4. Fremantle Harbour And The Port of Perth

Fremantle is a cool arty port out of the city center. We came for the weekend's special handcraft and Christmas markets. You'll find renowned Fish & Chips spots and the Fremantle market space is said to be a cool visit regardless of the season.

5. Lederville

Lederville is a super hip suburb close to the city center, just one stop away with the train. It's a big contrast to many of the big "grande" empty areas of Perth. It's cozy and bustling with life & alternative F&B offerings. 

  • Get good quality coffee at Greens & CO. one of the coolest cafes I've visited in a long time - the "Cafe of Light" as I'd call it
  • Visit the famous Italian Spot Siena's for dinner
  • Save some space for dessert and head to Little Cesars for a DESSERT pizza. Yes correct, dessert-pizza. No comments, gotta try for yourself.

6. 8 Limbs Yoga - Perth's Authentic Ashtanga Yoga Center

Founded by the passionate yogis Gregor Maehle and Monica Gauci who both also are authors of yoga books I've had recommended by both teachers and other yogis. If you're into authentic Ashtanga yoga and in or around Lederville don't miss out on a visit at 8 Limbs Yoga.

I'll definitely return to Perth - nice city, nice nature and even nicer people!

Namaste and thank you to the lovely people of Perth!