How Gratitude Really Changes Everything and How To Feel "Thank You" Every Day

It's that time of year again and gratitude quotes (and turkeys) are just about all over the place. But "feeling gratitude" is important not only this time of year, it is something we should incorporate as a conscious practice every day until it becomes a habit. 

Expressing Gratitude vs. Feeling Gratitude 

Most "normal" people do express gratitude during any given day. We say thank you to the waitress, we wave at the other driver who let us pass, we take the dishes after our sister cooked the dinner - all different actions expressing that we are grateful.

The question is if we truly feel this gratitude in our heart or if most of these actions are expressed with the intentions of showing appreciation as well as showing our surroundings that we are a polite human being who knows how to say thank you.

Saying thank you is one thing. Feeling thank you inside ourselves is another, I'd almost say, dimension of gratitude. A dimension that demands us to stop whatever we are doing and whatever we are thinking for a moment in order to take the time to feel grateful on the inside. Find the time & space to let the positivity brought by gratitude blossom in our mind and preferably dvale at this feeling a little bit.  

This "excercise" is very powerful. It can change our mood, our day & our energy in the short run and our general attitude towards life in the long run.


Today Rather Than Tomorrow

My autumn visit in Denmark has been a bit different than planned as my grandmother last week, out of the blue, had a stroke and was hospitalized. She is a strong & healthy woman and was so blessed with a bigger force looking after her - she got express helicopter service from the Danish medical system and the right treatment in less than a couple of hours. Meaning she recovered so well during the first 2 days. After a week she was ready to go home and my last days in Denmark I spent with her and my mom on the little island Aarø (if you ever visit Denmark don't miss it) with lots of "hygge". We cooked, we listened to classical music, we went for walks in the forest and on the beach. Almost everything is back to normal - naturally I'm affected by the shock (as my whole close family and my grandmother herself especially are) and on top of that I'm feeling an almost overwhelming feeling of gratitude.

For life, for my family, for our safe homes, for the beautiful nature and for being right here right now.


With the risk of sounding taggy, I really want to inspire, motivate and share the message that we should start now rather than tomorrow - think, feel & express gratitude as much and as deep as possible.

No one knows what tomorrow brings - in these days with the world's current damaging affairs this is especially true and a fact which should be obvious to all of us. Think, say and feel "Thank You".

Christmas "hygge"  & Danish traditional coziness anytime near Christmas (or all year actually)

Christmas "hygge"  & Danish traditional coziness anytime near Christmas (or all year actually)

How to: A Simple & Powerful Daily Practice Of Gratitude

Every morning is a new chance to attack the day with new intentions, new practices and new ambitions for yourself. Let gratitude be one of them and start any blissful morning feeling grateful for

  • Your current you: you are enough, you make a difference in this world and you can do great things
  • Your family & friends: who do you love, who love you - feel the love & gratitude for your loved once blossom in your heart
  • The universe and the force that once put us on this earth and that keeps us alive: the force of life. 

If you haven't tried before, you'll be surprised to realize how much positive impact a morning with Gratitude have on your day. And with time, how gratitude can change your life. 


When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.  - Marcus Aurelius


Thank you for reading,