My Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Photo Shoot & The Secret Law of Yoga Attraction

I'm back in November-Denmark and I'm filled with LOVE, energy, motivation and lots of yoga plans! So when my beloved brother Sebastian came down from his student-life in Aarhus to hang with me I obviously just absolutely had to introduce him to yoga. Yoga lessons for beginners yes yes yes.

Actually no no no. See our (or my) intentions were good but that long-promised yoga class just didn't happen... Because I quickly "hired" my multi-talented brother as a yoga-pose photographer instead so I can get photos for my professional writings as well as photos to use for my personal yoga progress. No better time than now as I'm back from sunny Indonesia with 1 month's intense practice of body & mind still in fresh memory (I'm still very very soar).

After my dedicated yoga teacher training effort I should really be practicing my yoga-teaching as well but next time Sebs, Promise!

Friday, we went to my sister and brother-in-law's idyllic new house to spend time with as well as babysit my beloved niece Sofia.

When Sofia was sleeping we rolled out the mat and started the shooting of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series, starring me.

And my sister's pets (!)... Oh yes meet Sheila & Ally.

See there's something with yoga & pets and a secret law of attraction. Yoga & kids as well - I bet you if Sofia wasn't in her sweet midday sleep she would be crawling under my Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel Pose).

It's an attraction that's hard to grasp and in many ways hard to explain. But then again, did you know that yoga is the union of many things ("yoga" literally translates to "union") here-under "humans in union with nature" so in the end everything makes sense.


Ps. Yogis, have you ever felt it?