A Review Of Fix Cafe & A Tip To What May Be The Cheapest Gym Deal In Shanghai

After a few days in bed with the Shanghai "aircon flu" as the Chinese phrase it (we learned that from our Chinese neighbor today) Sunday was my first day out of our apartment in days. A lot of people in Shanghai catch this flu in summer or catch some kind of flu due to continuously switching between the Shanghai heatwave and the indoor aircon icewinter. It probably also has something to do with the bacterias in these aircon systems but anyways enough about this - now I'm much much better with energy, appetite and lost of good Shanghai tips.

We spend the beautiful Sunday on our bikes in the French Concession (as you can se above we tested how deep Chinese people actually sleep when they nap in the middle of the Mad Streets of Shanghai. We found that they sleep very very deep and if it wasn't for this woman's husband who came by we could have parked her on Shaanxi Lu without she would notice. Obviously we would never do that...). 

Cafe Fix

We stopped by Fix for lunch and coffee. Fix is a New Zealand owned Western Style Cafe with a great tranquil location and which serve good quality coffee. Both things can be quite difficult to find in Shanghai (especially when you are out looking for it for some reason) so I am thrilled to have discovered Fix. Though their menu is very meat heavy and not the best selection for rabbits like myself I would definitely come back for the best ice latte I've tried in Shanghai. The guys I went with including my boyfriend loooved the NZ Rib Eye Steak Sandwich (no wonder). Fix is part of the Loft on 283 Jianguo Lu and can be found just across Wagas. 

Perhaps The Best Gym Deal Ever Seen In Shanghai

After our lunch and coffee fix we went to Xujiahui to discover that the gym chain Physical still has the offer on which my friend Anna told me about in the late spring: as a new member you can get a 3 months membership for RMB 150. With Shanghai's outrageous gym prices and demands for contract-signing this is such a bargain and Perhaps The Best Gym Deal Ever Seen In Shanghai.

We checked out the center and though it was a very busy Sunday the gym is super well equipped and all classes are included. The only condition is that you are not allowed to workout between 17-20 on weekdays (you can still get in at 16.55 and start your workout). 

For me it is perfect with a three months membership where I can run, bike & jump inside until we reach more human temperatures for outdoor activities. Contact Carina at Physical Xujiahui for details or go to the gym located on 3rd floor in Metro City, Xujiahui. They also have other departments e.g. in Raffle City, Peoples Square. As always in China they may try to demand a higher price first, just be persistent and tell them that your friend has this deal and recommended the gym to you.


That's all from me for now - sharing is caring and if you have any good tips please let me know. I you subscribe I will definitely let you know of my next healthy tip!