How To Make An Impressive Summer Salad In No Time

It is Watermelon season in Shanghai so let's eat some watermelon! The colorful fruit is such a great snack on a hot day (have you tried to cut out pieces and put them in the freezer for 30 minutes? It is divine), it is a great ingredient in almost any smoothie and it is deeeelicious in a summer salad. I hear it's awsome with vodka as well but never tried it, I guess that would qualify as a healthy'ish cocktail. 

Here I'll share the recipe for my Summer Salad based on... Yes Waaatermelon. This salad looks super impressive and it is is super easy to make.   




- The half of one small or medium sized watermelon (preferably seedless)

- Cocktail tomatoes (red, orange or a mix)

- 100 g of beans (I've used green steamed wasabi beens but kidney beans, string beans cut in smaller pieces and other kinds of beans can be used as well)

- One cup of mint leaves, basil leaves or a mix

- 100 g of hazelnuts (other nut variants are great as well)

- Juice from a fresh lemon

- Olive oil

- Sea Salt 

- Optional: 100 g of feta cheese


First of all I soak the watermelon and other ingredients in water with a splash of apple cider vinegar simply to make sure it is absolutely clean from "China" so to speak. I wash most of my veggies and fruits in this way. 

- Cut the watermelon into half. Scoop out the watermelon flesh and put 2/3 of it in a bowl. The last 1/3 you can safe for something else. Cut tomatoes into quarters, add them to the watermelon and sprinkle lightly with seasalt.

- Roast the nuts on a dry pan, wash the leaves and get your steamed beans ready.

- Use a paper towl to "dry" the watermelon shell on the inside

- Pour your tomato and watermelon into the shell (avoid the fruitwater - it's great in a smoothie later not so great in a salad for now)

- Add beans, leaves and olive oil

Toss, squeeze the lemon over the salad and sprinkle with roasted nuts on the top (and crumbled feta if you like)

Serve it with BBQ or on its own preferably with a green salad on the side - aaaand ENJOY!

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