The Best of Shanghai Awards - Healthy Choices

Last month the 6th Best Of Shanghai Awards took place in order to celebrate the city's best offerings. In case you like me are wondering about the best Healthy Choices in our city I'll share them with you here.

Best Yoga Studio: Pure Yoga 

Best Gym Chain: MOB Fitness Club

Best Gym: Rebook CrossFit MeWellness

Best Travel Company: Ctrip

I've been around MOB Fitness Club which is such a cool and modern fitness club (with pools) and I can't wait to try Pure Yoga in IAPM Mall to see if it's really that good or too modern for me (I appreciate Body & Soul Yoga's spiritual style and small classes - this morning we were only two students so it's full-on and full-value-for-money practice). 

I would have appreciated some more Healthy Awards on the list - like Best Healthy Selection Cafe, Best Healthy Selection Supermarket and Best Healthy Blog... Guess I'll have to get into contact with Best Of Shanghai and work on that for next year's award show! 

What's your favorite healthy choice in Shanghai in terms of gym, cafe or personal habit? I'm working on my Top 5 Healthy Cafe Choice in Shanghai so if you wanna share your favorite spot let me know which & why!

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