A Free Week of Yoga

One of the great things about living in a metropolis like Shanghai is the great offers one can enjoy. Yoga, fitness and healthclubs are super expenny to join here but there is always offers and free trials to find!

One Week of Free Yoga

The Begirl community platform offers one week of free yoga classes! So if you have been thinking about trying out yoga or joining a yogacenter in Shanghai this is a great change to get more of a feel for yoga than you are able to do in just one trial class which is what most places offer (many places in Shanghai even make you pay for a trial and then refund it if and when you sign up).

High five Begirl! I am definitely trying your Free Yoga Week. Keen to join me? Send an email to info@begirl.com or add their wechat begirl2014.

Check out their Facebook for more info