Running Route: Along Suzhou Creek

Shanghai felt so refreshing this weekend. It was like the light rain both cleaned and cooled down the streets. Saturday I  jumped on my bike (and remembered to put on my new biking helmet - better safe than sorry in these crazy streets) and headed to Suzhou Creek north of Jing an to check out the running. I loved it! Such a great little "escape" from the crowded streets and such a  great run by the water.

I'll share my route with you so you can get out there and attack the streets of Shanghai in your own running shoes (:

Suzhou Creek Route

On a large part of the Suzhou creek path it is not actually possible to run by the water. This is one reason why I like to take my bike there and also because I'm so tired of running in the busy streets to get there. I bike to the creek by heading north on Shaanxi Lu, I turn right at Anyuan Lu so I pass the Jade Buddha Tempel just before I reach the creek. I bike a long it for a few kilometers and when I reach the Jiuzi Park area I lock my bike and helmet to a bench and run from there. The Park area is quite easy to recognize as it looks very new with wooden paths, benches and a running track.

From here you can run at the water on both sides of the creek - different bridges allow you to cross. You can actually run all the way to the Bund though not with a water view the whole way. 

Check the route (the Black Line) on the above map and click here to find an interactive google map where you can see more details and make your own route. 

Have fun out there and don't forget to Share, Subscribe & Shine!