5 Tips To Running In Shanghai's Heatwave + My Mango-based Energy Smoothie

I find that there is always new things to realize as well as tips & tricks to learn about running. During my runs this summer I have definitely learned a few things about running in Shanghai's heatwave!

I will share these rather simple yet important tips if you like me decide to get out there despite the Shanghai Summer Conditions. Can't change them ay so let's plan & prepare according to them. 

1. Water water & more water

If you are going for a morning run (which I would recommend as the pollution numbers seems to double during most days in Shanghai) try to drink around 1 liter of water before your run. Drink at least between 0.5 liter - 1 liter. And bring 5kuai just in case you need to buy a bottle of water in order to continue your pace.

2. Run in the morning

As mentioned above the pollution numbers seem to double during most days in Shanghai. This is obviously a very good reason for why you should plan to run in the morning. Short of time before work or school? Put your alarm to 30 - 60 min earlier...

It gets light very early during Shanghai's summer but it does not get unbearably hot until 8-9. If you can make it out there let's say at 6 it is definitely 

3. Prepare 

It is hot and humid in Shanghai's Summer and during a run it will feel even more hot and even more humid. Prepare for these facts and accept them. You will be soaked but just accept it, enjoy it and look forward for that cold shower waiting for you at home.

4. Plan 

Don't make it a "I'll see how I feel or how hot it is in the morning" decision. Decide the night before and plan your run.

- Plan where you will run (check some of my favorite running routes in Shanghai here)

- Plan what you will wear and put it next to your bed. Make sure your running shoes are ready at   the door to

- Plan what time you will get up, set your alarm and just make sure to get up when it rings

5. Keep your motivation up

There is a lot of ways in which we can keep our motivation up and I think it's really an individual thing when it comes to which way is the most effective. The key is that we actually do keep our motivation up because the motivation for staying in bed just seem to overrule almost anything most morning! 

- Find running partners - friends, colleagues, you partner. Is no one into running? Why don't you try to motivate them into running and have a positive impact? I

- Track you running numbers (distance, calories, pulse etc) and try to improve them. There is a lot of free apps that can do everything for you. For example mapmyrun which I recommend here

- Set goals

My Mango-based Energy Smoothie 

If you are planning on doing a longer run I'd recommend you to have a pre-running snack. In this way you might feel both mentally and physically better prepared. I find that smoothies is great as pre-running snacks especially if you add some extra "energy"  to them. Here I'll share one of my energy smoothies with you which will definitely give you the energy you need for a long run in Shanghai's Heatwave.

Enjoy your run & don't forget to have fun 



For two persons you need

1 Mango

10 walnuts 

1/2 - 1 cup of oats

1 cup of milk

1/2 cup of water 

Ice cubes

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