Lychee Smoothie With Love

It is lychee season in Shanghai - such a perfect reason to head to the local fruit shop and get some of these sweeties which beside from being a great source of C-vitamin are proven to have a cooling effect on the body!

My local fruit girls (two sisters run the shop) on Julu Lu sells lychees for RMB 14 / 1 jin / 500g and just a couple of lychees makes a world of a difference in my daily after-yoga smoothie. I can't wait to use them for healthy (or at least healthIER) blended cocktails now that the Shanghai weather calls for drinks on our roof-top.

Here is today's recipe though I really just use what-ever I have. I find that it is so more easy to get into healthy smoothies and juice habits if you stay relaxed about the recipes and just try, explore, taste & adjust. Most fruit combination works. Soymilk can be replaced with cows milk, fruit juice or even water. If I make a milk-based smoothie I often add a little bit of nuts or oats (more protein and more energy). If I make a water or juice-based smoothie I often add fresh lemon/fresh ginger/fresh basil.

2 glasses

1 banana

5 lychees

1 nashi pear

Soy milk