Happy Biking In Shanghai

just ridiculously stupid?

One of the first things I did when I came to Shanghai was to buy myself a bike. I am from Denmark, the bike Capital of the world, and of course I need a bike to get around in a big city like Shanghai. It's fast, you are the master of your own time aaand: biking is a very healthy habit. Biking is amazing!

My Shanghai bike

I find that biking to school or work in the morning gives me that little extra energy, it allows me to clear my thoughts in between what I'm biking from and to and it makes me feel healthier. Well, at least that is how I normally feel about biking.

Quiet morning on Wukang Lu which I take to school everyday

In Shanghai the story is a little bit different. I have now been biking around every day for the last month and it sometimes hits me how ridiculously dangerous and perhaps even stupid it is of me to bike. In Shanghai there is no rules, no order and not a lot of caring bikers in between. The traffic is constantly jammed, scooters and bikes are in between and everywhere and again: there is no rules. 

I love being on my bike outside in the fre... at least outside in the air. And not being stuck in a traffic jam with a yelling taxi driver in the front

No one in Shanghai knows what these signs means. Myself included

The funny thing is that what I have been noticing is that because it is constantly so chaotic in the traffic people seem to be very alert all the time. Constantly watching who might run into them (they are definitely not watching who they might run into) and how to cross the red light in the smartest way. 

Yongkang lu

If you come across a Chinese school during midday where the parents pick up their kids... Turn around and remember not to take this road at this time again. Ever. Biggest chaos you can imagine 

And yes this is how many kids get to and from school. Totally normal

The whole family are going together in this way. And they are not going slow

Yep it is pretty dangerous. Still I find biking in Shanghai awsome. Not having to deal with millions of people in the subway, not having to deal with coughing and spitting taxi drivers and being able to explore all the small areas in and around the French Concession. Some mornings the small roads are so quiet it seems like you are not even in Shanghai. Other times you meet an intersection with bikes coming from 5 different roads and everyone is trying to be the first to cross. 

Most days I absolutely love biking the beautiful streets of the French Concession in Shanghai

Crazy 5 roaded intersection with bikes and scooters from everywhere. Pretty funny and unreal the first time you are crossing roads like this. Makes you think: Are they serious? Yes they are!

Biking is a very healthy habit but in Shanghai it is a dangerous one to and while I have not yet reached a conclusion in regards to whether I should be biking everywhere or not I will definitely get a helmet...