Healthy Homemade "Knækkebrød" (Scandinavian Bread Crackers)

I often think about that one day I want to become more creative in the kitchen. Cook, bake, experiment with healthy delicious dishes and pastries. There is something about making your own food, knowing every ingredient and smelling the result in the whole apartment and of course: taste it in the end.

Somehow it never reeeeally seems to happen and apart from being very creative when I make my salads I get kind of tired of cooking just reading recipes.  

Lately though I find myself with ideas for cooking and baking everyday. I don't know if it's the fact that I am getting tired of not being able to buy all my usual snack and groceries here in Shanghai or if it's the fact that my grandmother arrives this week to visit me here in our Shanghai home! 

No matter the reason I now find myself in the kitchen experimenting with simple, healthy & delicious cooking. For me it is key that there is no long "must-follow" recipes and no complicated processes. Instead lots of customization options. This is also a very important fact here in Shanghai where there is always at least one ingredients you can not get (and thats after having visited three different super markets).

Today I made my favorite knækkebrød (healthy bread crackers) with looots of seeds, whole grains and natural goodness. In Denmark we use these a lot as a snack with cheese, avocado or on the side of a salad.

I experimented with half the portion and added lots of raw coconut flour, dark 72% chocolate and almonds. Yummy as a healthy alternative to cookies. 

So simple, healthy & delicious. And our home smells like coconut heaven. I am definitely going to make my grandmother some home-bake when she arrives!



1,5 measure oats

1 measure whole grain flour

1 measure flax seeds

1 measure sunflower seeds

1 measure pumpkin seeds

1 measure chopped nuts

1 measure olive oil

1,5 measure water

little bit of salt

1 egg 

Mix, roll out between two pieces of baking paper, remove the upper layer of baking paper before baking for 15 minutes at 200 degrees.