April Challenge: building & maintaining healthy habits

I like to consider myself a healthy girl with healthy habits: I eat healthy, I drink healthy & I snack healthy 95% of the time. I tend to consequently stay active and positive. I know a lot about mindfulness which I try to incorporate into a busy life in a big city. It takes time to build good healthy habits and it is something I have worked on for years. Because I believe in it and I enjoy it. 

What I realized the other day is that maintaining habits is crucial to. I found myself after a fun but very exhausting weekend with too little sleep, too much wine, all my time spend on fun but less important stuff. And I did not feel good. A little bit out of focus in regards to what I am actually doing with my life at the moment, a little bit out of faith in regards to my Chinese and a little bit out of balance.

So when my boyfriend suggested an alcohol free month of April, which he likes to take every year I was hooked to do an April Challenge

My April Challenge will be about building & maintaining healthy habits every day in April. I find that it is so crucial to practice healthy habits in Shanghai - a busy city with over 20 million citizens and a city where neither hygiene or the air quality are known to be the best.

April Challenge is on and I am super motivated and excited to make the best of every day and incorporate healthy habits.  

This fortune cookie was given to me on the flight to China when I first moved here in 2012. I had never been to Asia before accepting this great opportunity to come and work in Shanghai. That decision changed my life