Few things are so pressing that they cannot wait for a moment of breath
— Desikachar

In April I want to focus on breathing more. And breathing longer.  

I am surprised to realize how Shanghai and the 200 km/h phenomenon affect me. I am use to big cities - I love big cities and I consider myself a person with a good peace of mind most of the time.

Currently though, I have the feeling of constantly being behind all the things I want to do and the feeling that I should hurry more, be more effective, do more aaaaand do it faster. To be honest I don't have a boss who stresses me, neither my mandarin teachers or my yoga teachers are stressing me, the last thing my boyfriend does is stressing me so I find it absolutely ridiculous that I am constantly stressing my self with all the things I shouldhave-couldhave-wouldhave.... The positive thing is that I have now realized it and as with everything else awareness comes before improvement.

For years I have been practicing what I call breathing consciously. 

It means that at one point everyday or preferably at more points I will try to stop whatever I am doing for a minute and just feel. Feel whatever there is to feel. Do I feel good? Do I feel stressed? Do I feel worried? In this moment - no matter when or where: Am I okay?

I don't judge, I just feel.

I find that it is a really good thing to practice in order to get closer to yourself, to get to know yourself better and to become aware of how you are feeling. Apart from that, breathing deep and consciously is an absolute winner if you care about yourself and your health.