Shanghai Botanical Garden - a Day-Trip to a Greener Part of Shanghai

One of the things I find to be absolute essential if you want to live happy & healthy in Shanghai is to get out of Shanghai once in a while. 

There are countless of destinations around Shanghai which are on my want-to-go list. All the interesting countries which are within hours of flying from Shanghai, the cities and islands in China which can be reached by bus, train and boat within hours from Shanghai and now we have just discovered a new, green and very beautiful destination only 30 minutes from the middle of Shanghai's French Concession

Shanghai Botanical Garden

For 20-40 kuai (depending on how much of the garden and the greenhouses etc. you wish to be able to visit) you get access to massive green areas, small flower gardens, forest-like paths, small lakes and a spectacular collection of flowers. Tulips were in season during our visit, the sun was shining bright all day and we definitely had the feeling of being out of the city for a day. (Even though it did seem like half of Shanghai's Chinese population had decided to visit the garden the exact same Sunday).  

Bring a picnic basket, enjoy a nap in the green areas, do some yoga, jump, play, be happy and don't forget your camera - it is beautiful!

How to go there:

Take the subway to Shilong Rd on Line 3 and a taxi for approx. 15 minutes. Our taxi driver knew where we wanted to go as soon as we said: Zhíwù yuán (botanical garden in Chinese).