How To Make Your Own Natural Yoghurt


I have been struggling to find natural yoghurt (with no added sugar or flavorings) here in China (as dairy is not traditionally a part of the Chinese diet everything involving dairy can be a bit more difficult to find than soy products for example). So what to do? Make your own of course! In China you can get everything so I went online on the renowned Chinese site Taobao and found a yoghurt maker! On Taobao you need a Chinese ID card to buy most things so my boyfriend found a similar one on He ordered it as we ate breakfast the other day and at 2.30 pm the same day it was delivered at his office and he paid RMB 49 (with delivery included) in cash. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

The only thing more amazing about this story is the yoghurt.

I am an absolute yoghurt addict. I eat yoghurt every day and often more than one time. I simply love it. The taste, the consistency and not least the amazing health benefits of this nutritious and microflora-packed yumminess. Read about the endless health benefits online or simply start to eat it every day and you will both feel and see the benefits on your own body and skin. That's what I did after years of not touching any diary products. Today I could almost be a yoghurt promoter. I eat it as breakfast, as dessert and as one of my many healthy snacks after an between meals. I find that yoghurt continuously helps and improves my digestion, it satisfies my sweet tooth and it makes me so happy. Especially when I mix it with fruits, seeds, nuts, roasted trail mix and other of nature's delicious stuff.

Little Duck is the name of our new yoghurt maker. I have no idea about the link between yoghurt and ducks

 All needed is 1 liter of milk, hot water and either 1 small cup of yoghurt or the microflora in dry form which can be bought online

Mix it in the maker and 8 hours later your have 1 liter of yoghurt yumminess!

Nectarine & pumpkin seeds

Dragon fruit with roasted goji berries & pumpkin seeds

Walnuts, seeds, dragon fruit and topped with black sesame powder 


(1 liter)

A yoghurt maker (OR if you don't have one it is possible without. I have never done it but I did find a step-by-step instruction here on the

1 liter of your preferred milk (I have not yet tried with soy or other alternatives. We use semi-skimmed or full fat cow's milk)

Approximately 1/4 cup of natural yoghurt (We buy the Chinese white & black container "Clean Label" or imported yoghurts like Ambrosia. Later you can safe some of your homemade yoghurt for the next portion but it seems to get too thin after a couple of portions. We prefer to buy a new yoghurt base for each portion) 

OR instead of using fresh yoghurt you can try to find a dried yoghurt culture (Basically it's yoghurt thats dehydrated and freeze-dried) 


Boil a jar of hot water and rinse the inside of your yoghurt maker + the spoon you are going to stir with. This is in order to kill undesired bacterias that will precent the goo yoghurt bacterias from growing. Pour your yoghurt base and 1/5 of your milk into the container in your yoghurt maker and stir properly (important). Pour the rest of the milk into the container, stir again and put the lid on. Fill the outside container of your yoghurt maker up with hot water and put the outide lid on. Make sure it's on at leave it for approximately 8 hours. After 8 hours is ususally becomes a little bit more thick and more sour.

ENJOY this precious natural goodness here in the land of additives! 

The health benefits of the lactic bacteria in yoghurt are well known. These include immune system support; less constipation, stomach acidity and diarrhoea; lower body fat; protection against food poisoning bugs; stronger bones and fresher breath. A highly nutritious food, providing appetite-satisfying protein, and a clutch of vitamins and minerals, unsweetened yoghurt makes an extremely healthy snack
— The Guardian

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