Live well laugh often love much

Since I arrived in Shanghai last month the weather has not been the most exciting thing I've returned to. February is known to be a rather sad and tough month in Shanghai which is also what I have experienced last year as well as this year. So what to do about it? We can not control the weather. What we can control (and change) is how we feel and think about it.  

On a daily basis I try to remind myself that everything is created in our minds. We create positive things and we create negative things. And it all starts with our thoughts.

I have learned to like grey, sad, rainy days. These are now the days where I allow myself to drink hot chocolate, to be lazy, to take a taxi ride home from school, to study in bed, and to spoil myself  with take out and order my favorite tom yum Thai soup for dinner.

Or on these days I do the opposite: I decide to attack the rainy, grey, cold day and show extra energy all day even when I don't reaaally truly have it. What I have experienced is that when I spend energy I get energy, when I send out positive vibes I receive positive vibes.

Years ago I read that you can train your mind to see the positive in every situation. So I gave it a try. And I kept trying and kept "training my mind". Even when it seemed absolutely stupid to find anything positive in a given situation or during a given day I gave it a try.  The result is amazing. These days I have 95% positive thoughts and 95% positive days. This was not the case 5 years ago.

I am human and of course I still generate negative thoughts. I also worry. But when this occur it seems like my mind automatically change and turn negative thoughts into neutral or even positive ones. It makes such a difference on a rainy day and such a difference for a happier everyday life.

We all have bad days: we may be late, it may be rainy and cold, we may have to do this & that when we´d much rather do something else. But the fact is that negative thoughts are not going to make these days a tiny bit better. So why not try with a positive thought?