Let's Take a Little Walk in Between

Every time I am in Denmark, I make sure to make it to Aarø. A tiny little island in South East Jutland. Only 150 people live here. One of them is my grandmother, my "mormor". She is one of my favorite persons in this world and Aarø is one of my favorite places. I Especially enjoy my visits and stays at Aarø when I know that I will soon be going back to busy dirty funny stressful cool Shanghai. I can truly say I appreciate tiny, quiet, fresh & beautiful Aarø where it almost feels like time stands still. 

I find that every time I travel, move somewhere or move back from somewhere - the times in between are the ones where I think "big thoughts". I look back, I evaluate, I set new goals, I consider the future. I really see things in a unique perspective.

So I always take my time in between:

- Every time I move on to new places or new chapters of my life I take some weeks with no plans. I prepare mentally. If I can, I travel. I get away from the old before going to the new

- Everytime I am on vacation I spend a lot of time thinking about as well as writing down my thoughts, my plans, my goals and especially my direction for my everyday life back home (where there might be at the given time). Last-mentioned - direction means a lot to me. It is so important to feel that you are moving towards something - just moving. Otherwise.. What's the point? Of getting up, of doing stuff, of getting smarter, of being inspired motivated engaged...

These day I go through all these big thoughts in between Denmark and China at the tiny little island of Aarø and I absolutely love it

There is no WIFI in nature but I promise that you will find a better connection
— unknown