Happy Year of the Horse

January 31 2014 was the Chinese New Year also known as the Spring Festival where we went from the year of the Snake to the year of the Horse. The lunisolar Chinese calendar determines the date of the Chinese New Year and twelve animals represents each new year. It is both the longest and most celebrated holiday in the Chinese calendar and if you are in China during the days and even weeks of festivities you can't avoid noticing. Last year my mom spend the New Year with me in Shanghai as we went from the year of the Dragon to the year of the Snake. My mom loves fireworks. And she loved the Chinese New Year IN China. All week of it. Need I say more?

This year I celebrated the Chinese New Year in Copenhagen preparing my next move back to China. Among a looot of other things, I initiated the production of my lucky bracelets with the Sheng Xiao - the twelve Chinese animals comprising the Chinese Zodiac. Do you know which animal's year you were born in? Otherwise you can check my overview here and see both your lucky animal and your characteristics. A lot of sites online can tell you more about this. 

The dragon is special because it's the only imaginary animal but the Chinese say that no animal is better than the others. They all have their qualities. So if you are a horse, your lucky year has just begun and for everybody else, just wearing the horse will bring you luck this year.

Happy New Year / 新年好





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