When Shanghai gives you lemons

try to remember how healthy they are.

It's a grey, windy and rainy Tuesday. My calendar says: "be an early bird you have a loooot going on today" and my first thought could easily be: typical - cold, rainy & busy Tuesday and I just want to stay in bed. But it is not. Instead it is one of my mans favorite comments: 

"Attack the day" 

(when I was struggling with my thesis last year in Denmark he would call me every morning and not once leave this comment out).

It is such a great thought to start any day with. Even when you really really really just want to stay in bed. On days when I absolutely do not feel like attacking anything but my duvet I find that this thought makes a big difference. Sometimes it even makes me want to challenge my tiredness & laziness by putting on my "energy" list on spotify, jump out of bed and do a silly dance as I get the day started.

You should try it. After all you can always jump back into bed again.

Ways to attack the day: 

- put on happy, energetic & favorite music as you get up and get ready

- cook yourself a big healthy & happy breakfast  

- make (healthy) delicious snacks to bring on the go (my favorites are carrot sticks, avocado, "knækkebrød", dark chocolate and fruit)

- dress for the weather and take your bike even when it rains (then you avoid ques, crowds and delays)

- send positive, happy vibes to friends, family and random people you meet (smile, let others first, make a happy update, send a text to someone you think may need it)

- catch the negative thoughts and turn them into positive (for example by adding: "but at least" at the end of them).


Do you know which day it is today? An awsome day!
— Unknown