China is the new black

In my last post I gave some insights on why I enjoy living in Shanghai, China. I gave my honest and very personal reasons. There is another aspect of choosing China as a destination, which anyone who are looking for opportunities abroad should consider (being it an internship, an exchange program, a graduate position, a transfer or a new career path):

China is the new black.

I recently read in the Danish newspaper Børsen, that the most attractive employees of the future have international experience and speak Chinese. The article is based on an analysis by Greens. Here 652 organizations were asked about their expectations for their future employees and on the top of the list one can read that Chinese language skills and International experience are the most important. Not long after, I found an article in the Danish magazine Gaffa about the tough competition graduates are experiencing these days. The message to students who want their CV to stand out was clear:  Learn Chinese and get international experience. Funnily enough the article was featuring my friend Rasmus who lives in Shanghai. He moved there on an internship 2 years ago and now works as a self-employed and what is more: a successful photographer in the booming city. I could continue with examples because I read or hear something about China on a daily basis. Don't you?

Needless to say, China is on fire. 

10 years ago there were 20 million people worldwide learning Chinese language - by 2013 this number had increased to 150 million
— Zhang Jie, President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University