Monday Soup Night: Creamy spicy Pumpkin soup with lots of comfort and nutrition to heal me after my tooth extraction

When I first get started with what I call soup-season I just want to eat soups everyday. The way hearty thick soups give nutrition, energy and warmth to your whole body is addictive as the degrees are dropping. And trust me, when you get started on home-cooked soups nothing else works. We're taking on Leon's parents amazing tradition of having soup one night every week (not just in winter anymore, yes!) and we make a big pot and have leftovers for lunch and starters the following days.

This weeks creamy spicy pumpkin soup is like the sweetest and most flavorful party my taste buds have ever experienced. And it's the most healing dinner I could think of today... Recipe by me but soup by my sweet mom <3

The importance of healing foods & supplements after tooth extraction

After my tooth extraction Monday morning nothing better to indulge in than a big pot of nature's best: pumpkin, celery, potatoes, carrots, onion, garlic and GINGER (the secret ingredients for a special spicyness!). I added lots of natural yoghurt to my portion to cool it down as it's recommended to stay away from very hot food & drinks the first 1-2 days after a tooth extraction.

I remember when I was younger and under treatment - I loved to spoil myself with cooling ice cream, coca cola and sweet "comfort" food. I've now learned to see and feel the difference between what the mind THINKS is comfort food and what food the body really needs in order to heal & recover optimally:

  • When the body is healing it needs all the support it can get through rest and nutritious food that's easy to digest

  • Diet is crucial - adequate and appropriate vitamins, minerals, fats and protein are essential for the growth and regeneration of tissues and cells

  • Getting plenty of vitamin C is really KEY. Deficiency in Vitamin C can slow the body's healing process. I'm more than tripling the "recommended" intake of Vit C these days! 

  • Rest and peace of mind is the other part of the "healing puzzle" - rest up and enjoy "doing nothing" - in fact, your body is doing A LOT!

Nutrients function individually as well as cooperatively in the healing process. The energy needed for tissue maintenance and repair is supplied by carbohydrates, fat and protein. Along with vitamin C, vitamins A, E, B, K and D are all integral to the healing process and a speedier recovery time. You’re going to delay the healing process and increase the possibility of infection if you’re not getting the proper nutrients
— Dr. Leibson, Know Your Teeth

Creamy spicy Pumpkin soup


(4-6 portions)

1 pumpkin

2-4 potatoes (I use both sweet and regular)

3-4 carrots

1 onion


1 big chunk of ginger


Broth (Vegetable or organic bone broth)

2-3 cloves of garlic

Fresh or dried Tumeric



Natural yoghurt

Fresh Herbs (Coriander, Basil or Parsly)

Roasted nuts & seeds


Peel the pumpkin, the carrots, the potatoes, the ginger and the onions. Chop to equal sized chunks and top with filtered water in a big pot (so all the veggies are almost covered in water) and let boil at low heat for approximately 30 minutes or until especially the carrots are soft. To enhance the nutritional value of the veggies you may start boiling the carrots and potatoes first and then add the other ingredients after 10-15 minutes. In this way you avoid over-cooking the softer veggies. But taste- and consistency-wise it doesn't really matter for the end-result.

Blend the soft veggies and soup (depending on you blender size you may need a few rounds of blending). Add seasoning if needed and serve topped with natural yoghurt, herbs and nuts.

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