The Juice Brewery

Like most metropols Shanghai is a great place if you like fresh-juiced juices! Just keep your eyes open and locate the nearest fresh juice shops by your work or home.

I'm quite often in the lovely Xintiandi area as it's between my home and work (and because I love it) and here is one of my favorite places for getting fresh juices: The Juice Brewery

The Juice Brewery in Xintiandi

334 Madang Lu

Near Fuxing Lu and right at Xintiandi Metro Exit 6

The Juice Brewery offers daily specials, a wide ranging (and funny) menu and in summer they offer yummy natural popsicles!

As this is China healthy juices doesn't always mean what you think it means. Therefore I just want to share a couple of things with you that I always keep in mind:

  • Keep an eye out for places that adds sugar syrup to juices and smoothies to make them extra (ridiculously) sweet. I've made it a habits to always say: bu yao tang (which means "I don't want sugar") when I order smoothies out. Also look out for places that use purees or artificial fruit-flavors. Go Fresh Fresh Fresh & Naaaatural!
  • Fresh juice should be fresh  and juiced in front of me. I never go for "pressed this morning" solutions or bottled options - then I'd rather just have a chilled natural sodawater or a nice cup of hot water (I'm in China what can I say). Why? Because research shows (and I truly believe) that you only get the full nutrition just after juicing (or within 30 min time). The fruit sugar stays all day though!
  • Speaking of fruit sugar, don't overdo the juices! I have a juice ones in a while when I feel like something to pick-me-up or when I have a sweet tooth (natural sugar is better than refined sugar any day!). I have smoothies everyday! Difference? With smoothies the whole fruit and veggies are blended so you also consume the fibers and will feel more full. All this goes to waste in juices wheres you "just" get vitamins, nutrition & lots of fruit sugar!

Stay Healthy & Happy Friends!