Autumn Apple Crumble

With aaaaall these fresh Shandong Apples in our fridge we are almost dreaming about apples these days... Or at least trying to think apples into everything we eat and cook at home. So for this weekend's dinner party at my Boyfriend's Chinese teacher's home, he decided to make a delicious Autumn Apple Crumble to bring.

I love apple crumble! The combination of soft warm apple with cinnamon is so yummy and by serving with natural yoghurt you get that cold sour contrast! Bonus: When having this dessert you actually get some nutrition as well - not just an unhealthy baked dough (sorry, cake fans).

Guilt-free Apple Treat!

Apples are powerhouses of nutrients: You get fibers, vitamins and minerals

Raw Brown Sugar imported from Bali. Any type will do

Here's the recipe my boyfriend used and it gives you a light apple rich crumble.


(5-6 people)

300 ml of oats

300 ml natural shredded coconut

3 apples

3 teaspoons of brown sugar

100 g butter

Cinnamon Powder

Vanilla powder


Preheat your oven to 180 degrees.

Mix oats, butter and coconut in a bowl using your hands to make it into a oats-butter mass.

Cut your apples into wedges and place them in the bottom of a tray (we used 2 smaller ones, 1 big one will do as well). Sprinkle your apples with cinnamon and vanilla.

Spread your mass on top of the apples and bake for 30-40 minutes (until golden on the top) at 180 degrees. The last 5 minutes you can bake it at a warmer temperature to get a more crispy golden top as well as add chopped nuts, additional cinnamon and vanilla on the top.

Serve with natural yoghurt.