Apples With Love From Shandong to Shanghai

When I heard about Lily & Christina's Green Basket initiative I was instantly sold: A social start up based on my favorite fruit - APPLES! And a social start up aiming to help and support local farmers in the more rural parts of China as well as service health- & food-safety conscious people in Shanghai like myself.

Not only am I sold, I am almost in love! So I want to share the story as well as the concept behind Lily & Christina's Green Basket. I'll even share some apples with you - I have 10 kilos of sweet, freshly picked Qixia apples here in my apartment on Shaanxi nan lu in Shanghai and I am not sure how we will get through them... (though my boyfriend did start to suggest he could bake Apple Crumbles this weekend oh yes please love!) so let me know if you want to come by for an apple and a cup of tea (maybe a piece of Shanghaihabits Apple Crumble with natural yoghurt on the side?).

If you live in Shanghai and like apples I can highly recommend you to read below and order your own box of healthier, safer and freshly picked apples. If you don't live in Shanghai just read and get inspired by Christina & Lili's Green Basket Social Initiative. Order before October 31st and before the Qixia farmers pick the ordered amounts from the trees. Order via this link.

Happy Apple Bowl

Happy Apple Breakfast

Homemade natural yoghurt with Qixia apples and grounded flaxseeds

There’s no better time of the year to enjoy fresh, crispy and healthy apples.
You now have the opportunity to order fresh apples direct from the farms in Qixia – a town in the Shandong province known for its tasty and high quality apples.
Order before October 17th or October 31st and you will receive the apples within 7 days.

The price is 180 RMB/30 USD for 10 kilos. 10% of our earnings will be paid
back to the community through the Lili & Christina’s Green Basket Foundation, which is earmarked to projects that will inspire organic farming in the local community.
— Christina & Lili's Green Basket

Read more and order through this link before October 31st.

The streets in Qixia - the apple city

The apples are still on the tree when you place your order!

Each apple is packed in a paper bag and NOT SPRAYED directly. Please note that the trees might be sprayed. Please also note that Qixia does not have any big industries nearby (read: cleaner & safer).

Oh Hello Christina & Lili

Qixia is known as the Apple City

Did you know: It's best to eat only organic apples as the non-organic varieties are among the top 12 foods that have been found to contain the most pesticide residues. Organically produced apples also have a 15 percent higher antioxidant capacity than conventionally produced apples. The Qixia apples are not organic but from the information I have they come a lot closer than apples grown around Shanghai

Did you know: Apples are high in pectin, a type of fibre that binds to heavy metals and food additives in the body. Therefore they help your body’s natural process of cleansing the intestines and eliminate toxic

An Apple A Day

So what to do with all these apples? I love to eat apples everyday as a snack and here are some of my other ideas:

Apples are such a good ingredient

  • in juices
  • in smoothies (check my favorite apple/avocado smoothie here)
  • on top of yoghurt
  • in salads
  • Spice them up:

Cut a couple of apples to wedges, sprinkle with cinnamon and bake at 180 degrees for 10-15 minutes depending on you oven and how baked you like them!

  • Shanghaihabits Apple Crumple


(5-6 people)

300 ml of oats

300 ml natural shredded coconut

3 apples

3 teaspoons of brown sugar

100 g butter

Cinnamon Powder

Vanilla powder

Chopped nuts


Preheat your oven to 180 degrees.

Mix oats, butter and coconut in a bowl using your hands to make it into a oats-butter mass.

Cut your apples into wedges and place them in the bottom of a tray (we used 2 smaller ones, 1 big one will do as well). Sprinkle your apples with cinnamon and vanilla.

Spread your mass on top of the apples and bake for 30-40 minutes (until golden on the top) at 180 degrees. The last 5 minutes you can bake it at a warmer temperature to get a more crispy golden top as well as add chopped nuts, additional cinnamon and vanilla on the top.

Serve with natural yoghurt. 


Apples are powerhouses of nutrients: You get fibre, vitamins and minerals

My 10kg apple box well-received. Thanks to Christina & Lili's Green Basket