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How to Find Your Planet Fitness Key Tag Number?

Want to know how to find the number on your Planet Fitness key tag? Don’t look any further!

Planet Fitness is a well known gym chain that is known for having simple, low-cost contracts. If you are a member of Planet Fitness, you probably know what the small key tag is that they give you. This key tag is necessary to check in at the gym and use your membership perks.

Find your Planet Fitness key tag number here. This post will show you how to do it, so you can keep working out without any problems.

How to Find Your Planet Fitness Key Tag Number?

You are given a unique identification number when you join the well known fitness chain Planet Fitness. This is your key tag number. This key tag number is your pass to get into Planet Fitness locations. The code is usually 10 numbers that are unique to you and your account.

Why is it Important to Have a Planet Fitness Key Tag?

You can get into the gym with your Planet Fitness key tag. You won’t be able to check in without it, and you might miss out on club member benefits like using the gym and going to fitness classes.

How to Get Your Key Tag Number Online

Your Planet Fitness online account is one of the best places to look for your key tag number. In your account page, your key tag number should be easy to see.

Asking for help from the Planet Fitness staff

Don’t be afraid to ask the helpful Planet Fitness staff for help if you get to the gym and can’t find your key tag. They can help you find the number on your key tag.

Looking at your membership email

You might also have found your key tag number in the email you got when you first joined Planet Fitness. Look through your email to see if there are any from Planet Fitness.

Looking over the Your Planet Fitness app

Users can find the Planet Fitness app useful. After you open the app and log in, your key tag number should be in the account settings.

Using the website for Planet Fitness

Like the app, the Planet Fitness website lets you see information about your registration, such as your key tag number. To get it, log in to the website.

Getting in touch with Planet Fitness’ customer service

You can call Planet Fitness’s customer service if nothing else works. They will make sure you are who you say you are and help you find your key tag number.

Looking over your billing statements

If you get bills from Planet Fitness, they may show your key tag number. Look at your most current statements to find this information.

Going to Your Home Gym

Go to the Planet Fitness gym near you and ask at the front desk. They might have written down the number on your key tag.

Using the social media channels for Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness often posts information about their members on their social media pages. You can get help finding your key tag number on their social media pages.

Signing up for the program to replace key tags

You might want to sign up for Planet Fitness’s key tag exchange program. This program gives you a new key tag and makes sure you can always get into the gym.

How to Keep Your Key Tag Safe

Make sure to keep your key tag somewhere safe, like in your pocket or on your keychain, so nobody else can get it.

Tips for a Smooth Check-In Process

There are several ways to find your key tag number, but it’s also important to have a fast check-in process. Keep your key tag handy at all times, and if you’ve lost it before, think about getting a second one.

Best Way to Get Your Key Tag Number

There is an easy way to get your Planet Fitness key tag number:

  1. Signing up for membership

Our staff will give you your key tag number when you become a member of Planet Fitness. They will also help you turn it on so it’s ready to use.

  1. Changing things

In the event that you lose or break your key tag, you may ask for a new one at any Planet Fitness location. It’s important to keep your key tag safe because there may be a small fee for this service.


You can live a healthier life with your Planet Fitness key tag, and you need to find its number to get the most out of your contract. You can be sure that your fitness journey will go smoothly whether you choose to get it online, ask for help from staff, or look into other choices. Don’t lose your key tag, and always be ready for a great workout at the Planet Fitness gym near you.

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