Denmark: Dream Play Repeat With My Favourite Nephews

It is absolutely fantastic to see friends and family again - especially in this time of year where people are relaxed & happy and the weather is beautiful.  

I recently had the pleasure to spend some days with my two lovely and very energetic nephews. Being with them made me realize how excited they are about even the smallest things they discover around them. How excited they are about life and how it sometimes seems that they see a lot of things as small miracles. 

It's really sad how we as adults have a tendency to forget the small miracles in life. (Oh I said it, I'm an adult now...) 

We get caught up in everyday life, work, worries, plans or whatever it is and forget. Forget the excitement over the first butterfly in spring, the excitement over a big green open field that just calls for a run or a fountain perfect for a little watersplashing. And it is just not right.

I believe that's why it is so crucial to get out of our everyday-life setting and routine. We need a break in order to look at things from the distance and from a "fresh" perspective. We need a get-away so that we can remember our dreams, build new ones and believe that regardless of our current situation anything can still happen in this life. That's why it is so magical.  

It reminds me of Walt Disney's famous words: Never stop dreaming

Maybe that's exactly what make us stay young, alive, happy and excited: our dreams, hopes and imagination. 

This summer I will try to dream more. And even when I'm not with my nephews I want to play in the field, practice my headstands everywhere and remember to appreciate and be excited about the small miracles I'm surrounded by here in summerly Denmark


Travel light Live light Spread the light Be light

I love this saying and how it plays with the word light. 

For me it is so important to feel light. I don't like to have too much stuff around me or too many things to carry around. Not at home and not when I go traveling. I like to feel free, I like simplicity and I absolutely love to travel light through life.

One of the most important things for me in order to stay healthy & happy in Shanghai is probably to get out of Shanghai once in a while. As most people I absolutely love traveling and I believe that no matter where you live it is absolute vital for your well-being to get a change of scenery. Also and maybe especially in Shanghai I find that this is very important. Just as exciting, amazing and fun this city is, just a draining, tiring and stressful can it be. And indeed after living in Shanghai the idea of "getting out of the city to get some fresh air" suddenly seems to have a very literal meaning...

This weekend the Chinese celebrate the Qingming Festival also called the Tomb-sweeping Day. This holiday is said to be a time of both happy and sad activities including tomb sweeping and flying kites. For us being a young expat couple the holiday means that we have some days off work and university and that equals: traveling. 

As a gift for me when I came back to China in February after having finished my Master's thesis at Copenhagen Business School Leon had planned a one week trip for this forthcoming holiday. Now it is happening.

Tomorrow we will travel to the Yunnan Province in South-West China where we will explore the city Kunming for a couple of days and then head to Xishuangbanna which is bordering Laos and Myanmar. Here our plan is to hike and explore this very unique part of China renowned for rural jungle areas, wild elephants and exotic snacks (exotic here probably means weird but anyway: YUM).

I have no idea what to expect and have no idea what to bring. But I know that I will be traveling light and that it is going to be such an adventure.

I can't wait 

To the Dai people, Xishuangbanna was known as ‘Mengbanaxi’ in ancient times, a name that means a miraculous and nice utopia

To travel is to live

Once again I find myself on a plane with my life packed in suitcases and on my way to a new place and not least: a new adventure. This time I have a few things worked out from home - I know where I am going to live (at least for the first couple of months) and with whom: my beloved boyfriend (whom I met last year in Shanghai but that is another story). Still, there is a lot of new things waiting for me in China. A lot of uncertainty. And I absolutely love it. The unknown, the unexpected and the feeling that anything can happen.

I always find it so important to move forward - not just physically move - but more as in setting goals and moving towards them. For me it is not only about achieving my goals. It is more about having goals and move forward. And as they say: 

a goal without a plan is just a wish

So now is the perfect time to formulate my goals and plan how I'll move towards them:

- Learn basic mandarin (I am starting fulltime mandarin study at Jia Tong University in Shanghai next week)

- Become amazing at yoga (I will engage more intensively in my yoga practice: join classes every week. Hopefully set up a yoga atmosphere in our spare room - I brought my favorite mat!)

- Look for opportunities in regards to my career path (I already got in contact with relevant organizations through my network for future work after my studies)

- Travel around in China and experiencing this fascinating culture (we have already planned two trips for the coming months: a trip to Putuoshan a buddhist island in the Zhejiang province on the East coast and to the lake-city Kunming in the Yunnan province in the south of China).   

and as always: to continue my happy & healthy habits 

To travel is to live
— Hans Christian Andersen, Danish writer & poet