Yoga is the practice of Body & Mind - Yoga er styrketræning for krop og sind (with Danish guest blog post by male Yogi in Ribe)

In the coming week, I start 3 new Yoga classes in the local Fitness Center (Fitness World) and while the world of modern fitness centers may not have the most "yogic" ring to it, I find that the diversity of members in a gym is huge. It's for everyone. And so it the Yoga revolution: For everyone... Even MEN!

Below is a Danish article written by one of the few male Yogis in Ribe, Thomas Nielsen.


Hvis Kasper er mig for 6 år siden, så havde jeg grinet af ham, siger Thomas Nielsen, stress og depressionsramt - og kigger på Casper. Lederen af Fitness World i Ribe er med for første gang. Yoga-instruktøren Line har overtalt ham til at deltage. Han skal vide, hvad det er, har hun forklaret ham.

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NAMASTE! THANK YOU FRIENDS & FAMILY: A Magical Summer & A Magical Season of Open-Air Gentle Flow Yoga with Shanti Yoga in Ribe, Denmark's Oldest Town... And it continues

I really had ambitions to blog more this summer. About lovely loyal Denmark, about the smaller & bigger trips we've been taking here, about my cute yoga-loving niece, about the awesome time at Roskilde Festival, about the yoga here. But here we are 3 months later and here's my first Denmark 2016 post...

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Denmark: Dream Play Repeat With My Favourite Nephews

It is absolutely fantastic to see friends and family again - especially in this time of year where people are relaxed & happy and the weather is beautiful.  

I recently had the pleasure to spend some days with my two lovely and very energetic nephews. Being with them made me realize how excited they are about even the smallest things they discover around them. How excited they are about life and how it sometimes seems that they see a lot of things as small miracles. 

It's really sad how we as adults have a tendency to forget the small miracles in life. (Oh I said it, I'm an adult now...) 

We get caught up in everyday life, work, worries, plans or whatever it is and forget. Forget the excitement over the first butterfly in spring, the excitement over a big green open field that just calls for a run or a fountain perfect for a little watersplashing. And it is just not right.

I believe that's why it is so crucial to get out of our everyday-life setting and routine. We need a break in order to look at things from the distance and from a "fresh" perspective. We need a get-away so that we can remember our dreams, build new ones and believe that regardless of our current situation anything can still happen in this life. That's why it is so magical.  

It reminds me of Walt Disney's famous words: Never stop dreaming

Maybe that's exactly what make us stay young, alive, happy and excited: our dreams, hopes and imagination. 

This summer I will try to dream more. And even when I'm not with my nephews I want to play in the field, practice my headstands everywhere and remember to appreciate and be excited about the small miracles I'm surrounded by here in summerly Denmark


Happy days in Denmark

If your heart takes you back to summer in Denmark, happiness must truly be to follow it. 


I find that when I live abroad and have my everyday life so far away from my family and friends it is crucial to have a date set for when we will see each other again. Since I came back to Shanghai in February it's been my plan to go back home for Danish summer time. Such a good plan!

After a busy semester in Shanghai where pace of life never seems to slow down it feels absolutely amazing to be here. Whether in Copenhagen, on the country side or on a tiny idyllic island, summer in Denmark is truly magical.

Being here under such ideal condition is a great opportunity for me to look back on the last semester in Shanghai and consider things from a distance. I find that daily life is so much easier to evaluate and consider when you leave it. From a distance I can se things from a different perspective, get a better overview and thereby consider changes I wish to make or goals I wish to pursue in the forthcoming future.

I believe that we should always make our plans for the future on a sunny day, preferably after a walk, a swim or a run in nature. It makes all the difference 


Let's Take a Little Walk in Between

Every time I am in Denmark, I make sure to make it to Aarø. A tiny little island in South East Jutland. Only 150 people live here. One of them is my grandmother, my "mormor". She is one of my favorite persons in this world and Aarø is one of my favorite places. I Especially enjoy my visits and stays at Aarø when I know that I will soon be going back to busy dirty funny stressful cool Shanghai. I can truly say I appreciate tiny, quiet, fresh & beautiful Aarø where it almost feels like time stands still. 

I find that every time I travel, move somewhere or move back from somewhere - the times in between are the ones where I think "big thoughts". I look back, I evaluate, I set new goals, I consider the future. I really see things in a unique perspective.

So I always take my time in between:

- Every time I move on to new places or new chapters of my life I take some weeks with no plans. I prepare mentally. If I can, I travel. I get away from the old before going to the new

- Everytime I am on vacation I spend a lot of time thinking about as well as writing down my thoughts, my plans, my goals and especially my direction for my everyday life back home (where there might be at the given time). Last-mentioned - direction means a lot to me. It is so important to feel that you are moving towards something - just moving. Otherwise.. What's the point? Of getting up, of doing stuff, of getting smarter, of being inspired motivated engaged...

These day I go through all these big thoughts in between Denmark and China at the tiny little island of Aarø and I absolutely love it

There is no WIFI in nature but I promise that you will find a better connection
— unknown