Moments from my first Yoga by night event: Yoga & Live Piano in the heart of Denmark's oldest town Ribe. AND the invitation for my next event

Moments from Monday, on the super full moon night, where I had my first Yoga by night event. Many people attended - not least several people from my family and several of my yoga "students" from Ribe and Rødding. Many new faces as well and I'm so grateful for everyone who joined this unique event.

I also share with you the invitation for the next event: Yoga & live piano by night - the Christmas edition in Rødding. Sign up now...

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Yoga on the go: Saluting the Sun and honoring the Sprit of Yoga on top of the old Medina of Marrakech, Morocco

I try to practice every day. Even on the go, on top of the old Medina of Marrackech. Forget about classrooms, mats and yoga wear for a moment. Forget about alignments and sequences. Forget about all the mind-made concepts. Just sit down, slow down, take your time and breathe. 

In as little as 3 minutes of conscious breathing yoga can make us aware of the present moment: What's up in that busy mind of ours? What's our physical condition as we sit? What feeling can best describe us today? 

And we observe. We check in. We feel. We don't judge, analyze or engage in whatever we find within. We just notice and let it pass like clouds in the sky. They come, they go and we remain, we always remain.

That's us shining the light of awareness. That's us practicing yoga...


Photo credit: Tim Armstrong from Armstrong Creative

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Yoga & Live piano by night: My first Yoga Event in the heart of Denmark's oldest town - BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW

Now I'm ready to make my vision a reality and here share with you my first Yoga Event in Ribe: Yoga & Live Piano by night. 

Peaceful piano music is one of my favorite kinds of music for slow and restorative yoga practice. And for some time I've been thinking about how beautiful it would be to do yoga to live piano... Move slowly with the music and in contrast to just be sitting and listening to a piano concert, you would actually participate in the beautiful melodies... And I imagine that even when lying with a flat back on the yoga mat in a restorative pose the experience of the piano tunes as well as the experience of the yoga would be so different and beautiful...

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Monday Soup Night: Creamy spicy Pumpkin soup with lots of comfort and nutrition to heal me after my tooth extraction

When I first get started with what I call soup-season I just want to eat soups everyday. The way hearty thick soups give nutrition, energy and warmth to your whole body is addictive as the degrees are dropping. And when you need healing after a tooth extraction / oral surgery like me.

This weeks creamy spicy pumpkin soup is like the sweetest and most flavorful party my taste buds have ever experienced. And it's the most healing dinner I could think of today...

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